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Vegetarian Lasagne FAMILY



Vegetarian Lasagne!!

Layers of vegetable deliciousness! A vegetarian lasagne, PK style. Peas, Carrots, Corn, Spinach all bound together with cottage cheese, and our fresh tomato and basil sauce. Of course, topped with a home made béchamel and parmesan cheese.

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Looking for healthy for the family? Our healthy family options are the best in Melbourne and a great alternative to take away junks food for those nights when everything it just too hard. We know how it feels, and having an healthy and easy option that is already in the fridge will make a difference, not to mention the cost saving compared to ordering takeaway or pizza. Our healthy family meals range from $25-$36 for a family of 4, so that’s $6-9 each, pretty good for a meal you know is healthy and clean.

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Vegetarian, No onion no garlic


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