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Our commitment to quality ingredients cooked in small, fresh batches means we can provide you with quick, delicious and healthy prepared meal delivery.

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meal delivery melbourne

PK Story

Here at Pippa’s Kitchen, our philosophy on food and healthy eating has always been about enjoying everything you eat, in a balanced way.

Time pressures cause people to eat whatever is available, wherever they are which contributes to their view that food is necessary, not something to be enjoyed.

By creating our delicious hand-crafted meals, we hoped to show that food and eating are one of life’s greatest joys. By using quality ingredients and cooking small, fresh batches – we can provide our customers with quick, delicious, and healthy gourmet meals delivered in Melbourne.

What customers are saying?

Lisa KeskinenLisa Keskinen
02:45 07 May 24
Quality of meals is excellent. Deliveries always on time and delivered with a smile. We are very happy with everything. Our elderly mother's skin cleared up after a few weeks of eating Pippa's meals - less allergens and preservatives than other packaged meals. Highly recommend Pippa's Kitchen for anyone needing quality food delivered to the door. Thanks Pippa and the team at Pippa's Kitchen.
Sarah GreggSarah Gregg
01:22 30 Apr 24
Shocking customer service and undercooked tasteless food. I’m aware I sound like a Karen in this review but I hope people read it and order elsewhere.I decided to try a new food delivery service to give another small business a go so I placed an order through the website for the following week delivery as I have a newborn at home and getting to the shops is difficult. I didn’t hear anything, so I assumed the order was successful. Delivery day came and I had zero correspondence about what time it would arrive (from other companies I had received a text etc) so I gave them a call hoping for an ETA. I was informed someone had tried to call me (no record of this) to say I had ordered off of an old website and that some of the items were no longer available (not sure how this happened as I just went to the website Google directed me to?). Despite being confused as to how this happened, I politely said it was fine - these things happen etc. It was a huge inconvenience to me as I had missed the delivery round for that week (I barely received an apology) but I accepted it and was told it’d be delivered on the following Wednesday. Wednesday comes and yet again I have heard absolutely nothing about delivery times. I email Pippa to get an ETA so that I can be on the look out as to not wake my baby, and she informs me that it WON’T be delivered today but the following day due to a public holiday. I ended up waiting two and a half weeks just to get my delivery with no apologies.The whole thing was a mess and definitely not worth it for tasteless meals that I had to add a bunch of flavours to to make it edible. The rice was undercooked and made me feel ill afterwards. You’d be better off buying from the frozen section at Coles as their meals are of a much higher quality than Pippa’s.I emailed Pippa yet again but never heard back. Do not order from this place.
Victoria IVictoria I
03:25 01 Mar 24
I had a shoulder operation and ordered pippas kitchen for some healthy option for my family. Great meals.
Jodi CrockerJodi Crocker
09:24 21 Jan 24
Just received our delivery and super happy with the value, quality and flavour
Som SengmanySom Sengmany
01:55 07 Dec 23
I've tried many different meal delivery services and Pippa's is by far the one of the best in terms of quality and quantity. The meals are fresh and you can tast the quality ingredients. Highly recommend!
07:24 04 Dec 23
We've tried all the dinner delivery services and this is our favourite!We buy the family packs and they are exactly the correct amount.Our kids have tried most of the meals and never complained about them.We simply pull out of the fridge or freezer, grab some rice and broccoli and boom - a delicious, tasty healthy dinner for the whole family.
Stephanie RoussisStephanie Roussis
05:06 01 Dec 23
Pippas kitchen is amazing. I have tried many meal delivery services and they are the best. The food is fresh and if restaurant quality.
Lucas JenningsLucas Jennings
03:15 01 Dec 23
We love Pippa’s Kitchen! We’ve tried a number of services but stick with PK due to value for money and quality of food.
Andrew MontagueAndrew Montague
22:05 12 Sep 23
The best home cooked meal I have never cooked! Lean and delicious.Couldn’t recommend highly enough!
Rose McLeodRose McLeod
07:25 12 Aug 23
The food from Pippas Kitchen is amazing so.much so, who wants to cook when you can order online easily and have it on hand for those cold winter nights. Love all the new dishes especially the Mass-market curry. Thankyoufor making my life easier.
Julian KennettJulian Kennett
02:11 12 Aug 23
This is the best home cooked meal delivery service in the country and I am qualified to say that as someone who has tried them all. I cannot speak highly enough of the meals, ingredients, pricing, website and delivery. Just exceptional!
Brenda WongBrenda Wong
08:43 07 Aug 23
I tried a few different meals, mostly taste good but have room to improve such as sauces were too watery! Also the servings are all too small, it wouldn’t cost too much to add another scoop of rice or noodles I think!
Gerard O'DonnellGerard O'Donnell
09:13 18 Jun 23
susan cooksusan cook
23:59 18 May 23
My family sized meals have just arrived so I can relax and enjoy healthy gourmet at home with my family tonight without lifting a fingerThanks Pippa’s Kitchen
Nick LewisNick Lewis
00:48 29 Apr 23
Being a busy house with teenage kids we are often looking for dinner solutions that keep the family happy but we also want meals that are healthy, delicious and that we know are made locally by people who care. Pippa's Kitchen is the absolute answer, great meals, great variety and great value.
Cheryl MacleodCheryl Macleod
11:09 25 Apr 23
I had a heap of gluten free vegetarian meals sent to me and they were really good. Much tastier than other pre-made means and I’m a chef, so I’m not that easily pleased! Also reasonably priced 🙂
Byroni RoyesByroni Royes
07:54 28 Mar 23
I found Pippa's Kitchen while looking for a ready made meals service. They got my requirements of ordering and paying when I wanted and not subscription based. I love that and was happy to support a small vic business! The home cooked meals are great and just what you want when it's only you and don't want to cook. Pippa's Kitchen also has competitive prices amongst other similar services. When I recently had a small issue with my order it was promptly fixed with no issues!
Lauren Ross-GilderLauren Ross-Gilder
01:53 14 Feb 23
The quality of Pippa's Kitchen meals is second to none. Their menu is diverse, with plenty of different options and dietary requirements catered for. I've tried many of the Pippa's Kitchen meals over the years, and have also sent their meals to family & friends to enjoy. I highly reccomend!
Liz MartinoLiz Martino
19:30 21 Dec 22
The turkey was so easy to reheat and absolutely delicious. Also recommend the cranberry sauce. Saves time and stress and makes it so easy to entertain.
Kolmio DesignsKolmio Designs
08:39 09 Dec 22
I was given a box of home made meals by a friend, and they have been truly delightful! The veggie meals are so impressive and delicious. Love your work, thank you for the nourishing food while I’ve been unwell P.K! 💚🙌🏼✨
Natalie DieniNatalie Dieni
23:50 09 Aug 22
So glad I found Pippa's Kitchen just so easy to prepare with actual quality ingredients. I buy the family meals - meatballs, butter chicken, etc. Then I add rice and chop up any extra veggies and it's a really healthy filling meal in no time at all, and I'd get four meals out of one pack like that so it's economical as well. Dont have to think about what to have for dinner anymore thank goodness!!! Pippa's kitchen is the best
10:39 30 Jul 22
Any pre cooked pre packed meals are convenient.. ..BUT. . .Pippas meals on the other hand are...Convenient,Free of unhealthy additives,Full of organic protein,Very Tasty,Not boring,I dont often have time to cook. These meals are a healthy alternative.Gr8 Idea Pippa!!
Kylie JaneKylie Jane
03:54 20 Jul 22
Delicious healthly ready made meals. A great variety of options and most importantly my pre-schooler loves them! I highly recommend if you're looking for fresh quality ingredients.
miranda miocevicmiranda miocevic
04:27 20 Sep 21
We have ordered a few different things from Pippa’s kitchen and all have been delicious. Our regular return to orders are the sticky Asian beef which is amazing and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike with bao buns. So tasty and quick, it’s a great go to meal. My husband and I also love the vege burgers which make a great meat free meal! Highly recommend, easy to order and great delivery.
Michelle CoffeyMichelle Coffey
20:37 08 Mar 21
I discovered Pippa's at the recent Essendon Farmer's Market - and I'll be forever grateful! The 3 meats I purchased - the slow cooked Moroccan lamb shoulder, sticky Asian beef and beef ribs were, hands down, three of the most delicious meals our family has ever eaten. Restaurant-quality, ready in 15 minutes with just a pot of boiling water. Cannot recommend highly enough.
meal delivery melbourne

Healthy Home-Cooked Meals Delivery in Melbourne

Do you find yourself wondering if chefs can cook meals as your mum would? As a gourmet brand, we understand the needs of our clients. Buying store-bought food can be unhealthy and costly. That is why Pippa's Kitchen brings them right to your doorstep, with home cooked meals delivered across Melbourne. We have been offering healthy prepared meal delivery as an alternative to fast foods that leave your taste buds unsatisfied.

When it comes to food, it’s never a good idea to compromise on quality. Under our fresh food delivery service, we bring meals consisting of fresh ingredients. Today’s busy lifestyle is quite demanding, leaving us with little time to focus on our dietary intake. Food preparation time can also take away from your desired family time, which is where our home-cooked family meals delivered in Melbourne come in handy. Our ready made meals help you establish a proper nutritional balance while enjoying food that reminds you of home. Pippa's Kitchen is here to save your time, health and money with healthy prepared meal delivery direct to your door.

While you set your table for the dinner, let the meals heat up and enjoy the delicious flavours flooding your taste buds.

Dietary Options Offered at Pippa’s Kitchen

Our menu not only includes delicious dishes with a variety of flavours, but we also have a range of diet meals to maintain your health, and fitness preferences.

You can choose from the following options:

  1. Food without onion and garlic: This option offers you delicious meals every day without any touch of garlic and onion. Our chefs are versatile and can easily adapt to your choices.
  2. Vegetarian: From fruits, vegetables, legumes to nuts, we have a large variety of vegetarian meals and can surely match your choices.
  3. Dairy-free: For our lactose intolerant customers, we have tasty meals that exclude cheese, milk and other dairy products.
  4. Gluten-free: If you are looking for dishes that are free of gluten, as well as other options that exclude processed gluten-free food like pasta and bread, our chefs have alternatives for you to enjoy.
  5. Organic tofu: Made up of soya beans grown without the use of fertilisers and other chemicals, our tofu is a non-dairy substitute, that is absolutely organic.
  6. Vegan: Our vegan meals are free from any animal product.

We also have non-chemicalised and healthy meat options:

  1. Free-range chicken: We have a stock of meat of free ranging chickens that are free to eat and move and are not contaminated with grains and chemicals.
  2. Organic meat: It can be a challenge to find organic meat meals. Our menu includes dishes prepared from meat of animals raised in their natural habitat who have had a good diet.

No matter what your dietary preference is, we have the best meals in stock for you to enjoy.

Why choose Pippa's Kitchen for fresh meal delivery in Melbourne?

For us, food is more than a nutritional requirement. Each meal is an experience to be cherished. Pippa’s Kitchen offers home delivery meals to ensure that you can enjoy quality food. Our healthy family meal delivery service also helps Melbourne families to enjoy extra quality time together. Here are some other reasons to select our chefs for healthy home cooked meals delivered in Melbourne:

  • Fresh ingredients in each meal
  • Committed to quality
  • Wide range of options
  • Meals delivered direct to your doorstep
  • Home-like food
  • Small batch to ensure freshness
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy booking system

If you are looking for a healthy food delivery option in your city, Pippa's Kitchen. We provide healthy prepared meal delivery that awakens your taste buds without much hassle. Call us on 0448 885 266 for booking your preferred meals.

How Does Our Meal Delivery Service Work?

With our delicately cooked gourmet meals delivered across Melbourne, you can save your time and effort. Whether you have a weekend with activities or simply don’t feel like cooking a meal, you can always rely on our healthy meal delivery services to help you out.

Here are a few simple steps to book your chosen meals and have them delivered to your doorstep:

Go to our portal to look at our range of pre-made meals, healthy treats, slow-cooked meat and more. Once you find the meals that you like, you can book the meals to be delivered to your Melbourne address.

Once we receive your order, our chefs will cook your chosen meal in small batches and prepare it with great attention to detail.

Your meal is then delivered at your doorstep by one of our executives.