HCP meals

One of Pippa’s Kitchen’s passions is providing our community with high quality, locally produced meals. We know the important role that food plays in our wellbeing, but especially for those who find it hard to cook for themselves, those with specific dietary needs, taste preferences and specific portion needs. As a food business that produces meals in small batches and made fresh to order, when we became aware of the challenges for senior Australians to access high quality meals, we wanted to play a role in helping to address these challenges.

So, in addition to providing meals, we have a solution that automates the administrative complexities for both Care Provider and HCP recipients. This includes only charging 30% of the meal upfront, whilst invoicing the Care Provider the remaining amount. We also make it easy for the recipient to sign up and place their orders.

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How it works

  1. You can sign up via this link, or asking your Care Provider to get in touch with us.
  2. Once approved, you are free to place your orders whilst only paying 30% of cost of the meal. We then invoice your Care Provider directly.
  3. Orders can be placed either from:
    • Our weekly menu email
    • Clicking on this link
    • If you prefer, you are free to call us to place your order manually.
  4. We offer two convenient options for receiving your order. You can have it delivered to your doorstep every Friday. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our kitchen (120/266 Osborne Ave Clayton South) and pick up your order every Wednesday – Friday between 10am to 4pm.



How do I apply for a Home Care Package?

You need to apply via myagedcare to determine your eligibility.

How does the 30% payment work?

Eligible HCP recipients only need to pay 30% of the cost of the meals, with the remaining 70% and any delivery costs funded via their HCP package. We invoice your Care Provider for this additional amount.

How do I sign up to receive meals on my HCP?

You can sign up via following this link, or asking your Care Provider to get in touch with us. Once approved by your Care Provider, you can start to place your orders.

Do I need to place my orders online?

You are free to call us to place your orders if you prefer.