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A balanced diet in today’s busy life can be a real challenge. Most people struggle to find time to prepare meals for the entire family which turns out to be an exhausting task. To satiate our hunger, most of us end up ordering takeout such as pizzas. But do such takeouts fulfil your nutritional requirements? Probably not. Being amongst the reputed online gourmet stores, the chefs at Pippa’s Kitchen understand the needs of your family when it comes to food and nutrition. We offer delicious, healthy family meals delivered directly to your doorstep – super handy for working parents and busy professionals.

With our quick family meal delivery that will tingle your taste buds, you won’t need to compromise your health for convenience. We use fresh ingredients that are handpicked and free of chemicals bringing out a great flavour. Our expert chefs prepare each meal for you to enjoy healthy family dinners, without the hassle. Regardless of the size of your family, we can easily prepare healthy dinner recipes for your family as per your requirements. You will find a variety of meal options to select from which include delicious dishes as well as meals with special dietary requirements. Are you busy with chores or have a home renovation in progress? Don’t worry. You can leave the cooking to us and have your healthy family meals delivered!

Our healthy family meals are slow-cooked with love and care in a proper sanitary environment. You can be certain to receive flavoursome food at Pippa’s Kitchen. Just order what you would like to eat and have it delivered to your doorstep.

How Does Our Quick Family Meal Delivery Work?

Every family has a different daily routine and varied eating patterns. Some might enjoy heavy meals while others may prefer just lighter meals. You will always find something at Pippa’s Kitchen that piques your interest. Our quick family meal delivery service is designed to offer great food with fresh ingredients to your doorstep.

Here are some simple steps to follow to have your healthy family meals delivered:

  • Visit our site and select from our range of available healthy family recipes or contact us to specify your choices including the days you want us to deliver your meals.
  • Once we receive your order, our chefs begin the process of cooking meals for your family.
  • Our experts choose vegetables, fruits and meats of high quality for each dish.
  • We prepare meals according to your preferences in a clean cooking space.
  • Once your meal is ready, we quickly deliver it to your home.
  • Heat the meals and enjoy a wholesome meal with your loved ones.

We cook in small batches so that it is easy for you to eat and store. Whether you need vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free or keto family meals, you can always depend on Pippa’s Kitchen to deliver quality food.

Benefits Of Ordering Family-Friendly Meals

Having a busy schedule need not stop you from having a hearty meal with your family and getting adequate nutrition. Pippa’s Kitchen has a wide range of family-friendly meals that are appetising and healthy. Our flexible quantity options are also enough to serve a large family.

When you order meals for your family from us, you enjoy:

  • Healthy dinner time with your family
  • Less consumption of unhealthy food
  • Saves time, money and effort
  • Quality time with kids and family
  • Reduce wastage of food due to controlled portions

Why Choose Pippa’s Kitchen for family meal delivery?

At Pippa’s Kitchen, we offer appetising meals to ensure your well-being. Our chefs cook with love and care to deliver healthy family dinners to your table. Here are some reasons for choosing from the menu at Pippa’s Kitchen:

  • Expert chefs
  • Affordable dinner
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Weekly family meal plans
  • Healthy and tasty family dishes

If you are looking for a reliable family food delivery service in Melbourne? Call us on 0448 885 266 today to book your healthy family meals to be delivered!

Handmade by trained chefs

Organic, locally sourced produce

Meals for all dietary requirements

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